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Student Participate in the FYS 101 Classroom

FYS 101: The UT Experience – Engage

FYS 101, offered during the fall semester, equips you with the skills needed to aim for graduation and success in engineering. It is a one-credit course specifically designed to assist you with your personal and academic adjustment and transition to college life. We also focus on getting integrated with professional development opportunities specific to engineering.

All students in first year engineering are encouraged to participate in an FYS 101 section. Students in the Engage LLC are required to take FYS 101 in the fall semester of their first year at UTK.

FYS 101 offers opportunities for you to meet other freshmen and establish support groups with your peers, staff, and faculty. You will develop the skills to thrive in the classroom and in life beyond the classroom.

  • Topics for FYS 101 for Engage Students include:
  • Study techniques specific to the engineering disciplines
  • How to get connected with Co-ops, Internships, and Undergraduate Research
  • The benefits of and how to get connected with students societies and leadership opportunities in engineering
  • How to make the most of academic advising
  • Campus and college resources available when you need help (personal, professional and academic resources)

FYS 101 also offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to serve as peer mentors to new first-year students at UT by assisting an FYS 101 instructor in a section of FYS 101 for the fall term. We encourage all engineering students who participate in FYS 101 to apply to be Peer Mentors for future engineering sections of FYS 101.

Students Participating in the FYS 101 Fun Night at Laser Tag

TRNS 201: Transitioning on Rocky Top

Transition 201 is a course similar to FYS 101, but adjusted to meet the needs of transfer students in their first semester at UT. TRNS 201 focuses on connecting students with their majors and faculty as well as introducing UT-specific resources and programs. We now offer an engineering specific course for transfer students in the college. Please contact Rachel McCord with questions or for more information.

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