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Students Work on EF 151 Final Projects

Engineering Fundamentals 151

Physics for Engineers I

4 Credit Hours

Catalog description: Calculus-based study of basic physics concepts, including vectors, kinematics, Newton’s laws, forces, work-energy, and impulse-momentum. Introduction to teamwork. Introduction to the engineering disciplines. Examination of engineering principles and design issues. Oral and written presentation skills.

EF 151 introduces you to engineering problem solving through the use of mechanics and physics.  The labs provide many hands-on activities to help you learn the material and practical applications of the physics principles.  You will work in a team of 3-4 students to complete several introductory engineering projects.  You will have a chance to meet with representatives from each of the engineering departments to learn about the breadth of engineering.

Satisfies General Education Requirement: (NS)
Grading Restriction: A, B, C, No Credit grading only.
(RE) Corequisite(s): 105 or Computer Science 102; and Mathematics 141 or higher.
Registration Restriction(s): Tickle College of Engineering or biosystems engineering majors.

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