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The following labs, workspaces, and resources are available for first-year engineering students:

Advanced Learning Spaces

Zeanah’s $129-million complex is the largest academic building on campus and serves as the home for the Engineering Fundamentals program. Three advanced learning spaces on the first through third floors are designed with the student learning experience in mind, deploying technology at the forefront of engineering education. The layout of these classrooms encourages engaged instruction and interactivity—leaving behind the traditional lecture hall for spaces that inspire collaboration and experiential learning. Learn more about the complex.

Study Rooms

Engineering Fundamentals and Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program study rooms are located throughout the Zeanah Engineering complex, offering rich spaces for students to work both independently or collaborate with other engineering students. The study rooms are staffed by undergraduate teaching assistants who are there to help answer questions and work with students.

Collaboration Areas

Zeanah features versatile, textural space to provide areas with flexible seating for collaboration, informal learning, and relaxation. These spaces exist throughout the complex, offering amenities such as booths, large whiteboards for visual learners, outdoor patio seating, mixed-use table and chair spaces, and more.

Innovation and Collaboration Studio (ICS)

The Min H. and Yu Fan Kao Innovation and Collaboration Studio is the premier maker space for the UT Knoxville campus. It gives all levels of the student community access to modern, commercial-grade equipment that enables them to create industrial-quality solutions for projects and clients, and to better prepare them to enter the workforce. Work areas will include visualization labs, welding and tooling shop, electronics station, additive manufacturing lab, soft materials shop, and more. Learn more about the Innovation and Collaboration Studio.

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