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Top EF 152 Projects Spring 2019

Each semester the EF 152 class includes a semester-long design project.  This semester’s projects were based on Adaptive Technology, Interactive STEM App, and Community Service.   

Congratulations to the teams who were voted by the instructors as having the Top EF 152 projects!  All the instructors were very impressed by what was achieved and presented! Great job!


Top EF152 Projects

Project Name:  Volunteer East TN Mobile App
Team Members:  Natalie Kernisant, Noah Avery, Ben Stoller, Kincaid McGee


Designed as an app version of the Volunteer East Tennessee (VETN) website, this app provides a searchable list of countless volunteer opportunities in East TN.   Due to the impressive work of this team, this app is vetted by the VETN organization ( and will soon be accessible to the public through both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store.   By using this application, people are given easier access to multiple volunteer connections. This allows more people in the Knoxville region to access more opportunities to make a positive impact on the community.



Project Name:   Blinky Bike & Skateboard Turn Signal and Light
Team Members:  Nick Bocuzzi, Brett Kim, Karan Patel, Gabby Nichols


Blinky is a turn signal and brake light that is easily attachable to bikes and skateboards.  Includes a glove for skateboarders with buttons on the fingertips. Each finger represents a different signal. For the bike, Blinky uses motion sensors. Turning the handlebar in a certain direction will activate the corresponding signal.



Project Name:  Torquee STEM App
Team Members:  Joey Lemon, Brandon Mingledorff, John Polchan, Josh Bridges

Torquee STEM App is an app showing torque in action. Through a simple-to-use interface, students can visualize forces creating a torque and deepen their understanding of this physics concept.   Its main feature is that you can interactively draw multiple force vectors on a 2D plane and the rotating object shows the effect in real time as you move the force vector around.



Project Name:  Tranquil Triangle
Team Members:  Kalina Scarbrough, Shelby Ledbetter, Paxton Lifsey, Keenan Cox


Tranquil Triangle is a portable, hand-held device that stimulates your senses in order to calm down and relax for people suffering from stress and/or panic attacks, as well as general anxiety. The product is shaped after a triangular pyramid in which each face is geared towards a different sense, such as sight, smell, touch, and sound. It is based on the 5-4-2-3-1 coping technique. The smell side has three different essential oils, the sight is a kaleidoscope, the touch is three different fabrics, and the sound has three 3-d printed switches and dials.

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